My latest obsession….

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with beauty sample clubs. I’ve always enjoyed trying new products based on recommendations from my friends. However, joining these clubs has opened up a world of new products for me.

They come wrapped in a gorgeous box and each month has a theme, with a mini catalog describing the samples you receive. If you can afford to spend between $10-20 a month, than give it a try.  The best part is sharing them with your family or friends. Even better, you can “gift” them as well. What woman wouldn’t love a surprise box with beauty samples in it?

Listed below are my top 3 favorites, hopefully they will become your favorites as well.

1. Glossybox – This is the most expensive of the 3. But, believe me you get what you pay for. One month I received a full-sized deluxe sample of BB cream from Model Co. I love it, and it’s now a staple item in my make up bag. The price is $22/month. They even offer gift boxes that you can send to a friend. Brilliant.

2. Sample Society –  Designed by and Allure Magazine. The best sample I received from them was a Butter Nail lacquer. The price is $15/month, and I absolutely love their website. When you login you can see all of your past samples. The best part about this club is each month you get a $15 coupon offer to use toward a $50 item. So, you’re basically getting your $15 back if you buy a full size product from that monthly box.

3. ipsy  – This is the least expensive of the 3. Lately, I’m not excited by what they have to offer. Each month you receive your samples in a make up bag, which would be great. But, often they’re cheap and not worth using. The samples are okay, but you can find them in any drug store. It’s a cheap option if you want to start small.

Give them a try. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can cancel easily. To me, it’s always fun to get a package at the door with a surprise in it.

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