Lately there is magic in my make up bag.

It took me a lot of trial and error over my lifetime to figure out when you find makeup that works, STICK WITH IT.


Lately, I’m having so much fun getting ready in the morning and here are the reasons why:


God gave me a lot of  amazing things that I love about myself, but he sold me short on my eyelashes! But, a girl doesn’t need to fret anymore because I found the perfect mascara.


They’re Real Mascara by Benefit – This lengthens my lashes better than any fake pair I’ve ever used. And trust me so much more comfortable. You can buy it pretty much anywhere, and it lasts for at least a month. A little pricey at  $23.00. But, to me it’s worth the money because I feel lovely wearing it.


Who else loves it?

Star Beauty Awards, best mascara 2012 
Teen Vogue Beauty Awards, editors’ pick for best mascara 2012 
Cosmopolitan, UK, Cosmo’s 10 Best Mascaras 2012 
Power List, Glamour UK, [Best] Lash Lifter 2012


I’ve always wanted the perfect glow, and admired the girl who could do it with various beauty tools. But, than I found my match.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – It’s an all in one finishing and highlight powder. It immediately brightens my face and gives me a healthy glow.  And the best part, it really does last all day.  It’s easy to apply, you can use it however you want and get the perfect look you need.


It’s out of stock now at Sephora, but you can find it on their site and Amazon is selling it as well.


My love and hate relationship with make up and concealer has gone on for years. I have combination skin, and I’m constantly on the run with no time to make touch ups.  Here is the one and only that works for me.


Make Up Forever Professional – I’ve tried so many different types of make up brands. I was a huge fan of Bare Minerals for years… And than, I found my match in Sephora of course. Where you can get a starter kit for just $79.99. This is the most amazing make up I have ever used. It stays put, and for me that means a lot. I’m not the type that wants to be stuck in the lady’s room at work 3 times a day doing touch ups.  With my busy day, I way too busy for that. But, I want to look together. This make up makes meets those expectations.


I know everyone has different skin types, it’s not one size fits all. However, if you have struggled like me on the topics I posted above it’s worth a try. All of the links I posted above are through Another trusted site I adore, however you can easily search the web and find them at other sites as well.


Share with me some of your favorites. What works for you?

2 thoughts on “Lately there is magic in my make up bag.

  1. I received a sample of teh mascara with my last order from Ulta and I can not wait to purchase a large TUBE!!!! Love love love. My lashes are getting the papered treatment, it’s so smooth and the brush gets to every lash!

    I was a big bare minerals user, but I found now with my ehheemmm “older skin” it’s a bit to revealing on the lines and drying in certain areas. I may check out your recommendation. I have been experimenting with the BB creams, any thoughts on those?

    • I LOVE Dr. Jart+ Water fuse Beauty Balm. It has the SPF25 in it as well, and it smells like the beach. It really does what it says, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin tone from using it. I parted ways with Bare Minerals for the same reason as you, although it was amazing for my skin it showed too many imperfections.

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