I found some mint shoes.

Steve Madden


Lately, I’ve been yearning for another shoe club to join, since I’m so uninspired with Shoedazzle.  I recently stumbled upon shoemint.com and I’m fascinated.

Like most shoe clubs they have a head celebrity who represents the brand, and with this one it’s Rachel Bilson. She’s teamed up Nicole Chavaze and Steve Madden, an amazing stylist and well trusted shoe brand in my book.

Together they  make quality shoes that follow the latest trends at a semi affordable price. I have to admit, I’ve already bought two amazing shoes to add to my collection (not that my closet hasn’t been bursting at the seams as it is).

But, I couldn’t help myself. Shoes are one of my favorite addictions and I’m hooked on this club.

One slip into the sole, and I was instantly impressed. Made extremely well, and a comfort level most of us girls only dream about.

The website has a clean design where you can easily find your favorite selections categorized by:

–       Your personal showroom.

–       Flats

–       Heels

–       Accessories – This is a new venture for them, everything from jewelry to socks.

–       Collections – This separates the shoes by hardware, texture and trends)

–       Superga – This is a new line of sneakers they just launched.

–       Sale – Your favorites at 20 – 30% off.

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve signed up, every month you will receive an email from ShoeMint showcasing the shoes available for purchase.  Once you purchase your first pair, you will still receive the monthly shoe offerings, but unless you opt out before a certain period of time for that month, you will be charged $79.98.

Here are some of my latest picks, Lindsey and Ulla. Lindsey is perfect for work, and Ulla is a date night favorite.


Over the next couple of months, I will post more of my picks. I’m excited to hear your feedback and to see if you’ve tried this club for yourself.

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