Ispy – May Glam Bag FREE SHIPPING

So, I’m finally posting about my May Glam bag. It was okay, I was really not that impressed this month. The only item I really have enjoyed is the Juice Beauty reflecting gloss, and ironically they reached out to me for a special offer (just as a disclaimer they did not pay me to brag just about their item, it was merely a coincidence that I got the affiliate offer and because I do truly like the product I’m posting the offer).

The bag itself is cute, and I will probably use it for the beach. I like the bright colors. The other items, I’m dumping.

Here is what I got this month –

1. Yaby concealer refill, which would be nice if it wasn’t as big as my index finger 😦

2. Zoya nail polish in a pasty cream color.. I might use it for my toes when my feet look tan. Still undecided.

3. Pacifica roll on perfume – Not my style at all, it smells very old. Not something I would enjoy wearing at all.

4. Nume finishing serum – I have fine hair, so this will just make it ultra greasy..

5. Saved the best for last, seriously this was the only item I have used. The Juice Beauty reflecting gloss, it goes on nice and smooth. Not too sticky and smells great. And it’s organic, which I love.

Like I’ve mentioned in a recent post, They are the lowest price club I am in. Sometimes they do send some really great stuff, but this month I paid $15 for a lip gloss. The rest tossed away.

Let me know if any of you are a member and have a different view/opinion….


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