I’m officially a Maven!



So, I caved and joined another club. However, I’m really excited about this one. It’s from Julep nail polish, and when you join you become a Maven. This means, I get 20% off all products for $19.99 a month. Each month, they will send me two nail polishes and a surprise gift.

Like most sample clubs, you fill out a profile and they will decide your personal style. I was selected as Boho Glam, which suits me perfectly. I also like that they will send you a preview before your box ships, if you don’t like the style you can choose to skip the month, try a new style or send to a friend. Those are very fair and flexible options.

I LOVE the colors I received this month, they compliment each other nicely. I can easily use one for my hands and one for my toes. You don’t have to become a Maven, you can shop the site for each product as well. But, in my opinion based on their prices it’s more cost effective to join. You also have the option to buy a box once.

Here’s the scoop:

The nail polish is made using their “4-free” concept, this means it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP and no animal testing. They claim that their polish is high shine, chip resistant and fast drying. I’ve used the gel polish for way too long, so this is going to be a healthy switch for me.

They have what they call parlors in Washington state, nothing on the East coast yet. I did check out their stores, and I love the way they’re set up. Very inviting, with a nice clean design.

Here is a link to their FAQ’s if you want to learn more.

So, here is what I got! The Boho Glam intro box:

Etta – Priced at $11.99, A art deco green polish that is going to look amazing on my toes. She is now out of stock if you want to just buy her separately. But, if you sign up to become a Maven or order the box you’re guaranteed the polish.

Millie – Priced at $11.99, a vintage indigo crème color that will look nice on my hands.

Glycolic Hand Scrub: Priced at $18.99, a facial for your hands. It helps to remove dirt and oil from your hands before you start your manicure. This is now out of stock as well, but again if you sign up to become a Maven or order the Boho Glam box you will be guaranteed the product.


Here are some related articles as well, which have positive reviews and more pictures.

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