I’m loving lace in a whole new way.


I’ve commuted to the city over the past couple of days and have been inspired to write about the lace trend I’m seeing all over the streets. Whether it be jewelry or skirts all in sexy shapes, they’re all giving new life to lace. I’ve created my own personal lust vs. must wish list for what I crave in lace. If you shop around, you can find these styles everywhere. It’s how you personally choose to mix and match that makes it so exciting.

Typically you will see lace associated with neutral colors like black, cream or tan. But, this season it’s gone a whole step further into hues that are bright and matched with less traditional looks. Lace always adds a feminine look to your outfit and can be worn with jeans for a casual look or you can race it up with some leather to add more sex appeal.

Personally, I don’t consider lace to be a trend. I have always loved pairing it up with a sexy camisole to add a hint of sophistication or elegance to my outfits. I’m more excited to see it now in bright bold colors, which have been added to bags,  jewelry, dresses and skirts. Pair it up with a neutral white shoe and bag and you’re set.

So explore further, and find your favorite look. Hopefully you’re inspired by my list and come up with your own lust vs. must list!

Oasis party dress
$100 – johnlewis.com

Mini dress

Merona skirt

Lover short skirt

KOTUR bridal handbag

Miss selfridge

Stella dot


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