Pretty Witty Beach Bags

During my quest to find the perfect beach bag this summer, I stumbled across the most adorable and witty beach bags I’ve ever seen. These low-key bags can be found at the I think there are perfect for day tripping and showing off your “witty” style. The company also hosts a variety of types of bags to choose from ranging from leather crossbody bags to the cutest owl wallets I’ve seen out there. I think this is a site and designer that is up and coming. I love the concept and will definitely be purchasing one for myself. I can’t wait to strut around with it, and I’m sure I will be sharing my purchase with many admirers. Check out there site, and if you want to make a statement instead of spending $300 on a bag go for the $25 bag and express your style in a unique witty pretty way. 


$23 –

Louis vuitton handbag
$23 –

Beach bag
$23 –

Hermès beach bag

$23 –


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