Arm Candy 2013

Guide to arm candy

I love arm candy, and summer is the best time to show it off. There are so many options and colors to choose from, it’s fun to pull it all together. Because my style varies depending on my outfit, I decided to do a quick guide to 3 major looks you can try yourself.

  1. Boho – This is my favorite daytime look for just hanging around. Mix it up using bright colors, and adding friendship bracelets. Natural stones, tribal patterns and leather wraps make this the perfect summer go to look.
  2. Trendy – There are so many fun options out there now. Neon colors mixed with gold abstract bracelets make this a fun look to wear when going out. You can make your own color story depending on the outfit you choose. I love wearing this look with graphic tees.
  3. Classic – I love wearing this in the office or out for dinner. Use lots of gold charms, soft colors and dainty shapes. Pair it up with a classic gold watch and you’re good to go.

There is no secret way to doing these looks, the best tip is to not over do it. I personally wouldn’t wear more than 4-5 pieces all together. However, fashion is meant to be an expression of who you are. It’s a form of everyday art, so have fun with it and be who you are!

What’s your favorite look?

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