5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Closet

Your first order of business is to de-clutter. Start by emptying out your entire closet to the bare walls. Then examine each piece you’ve removed. If you haven’t used it or worn it in the last year, it’s time to get rid of the item. Find a worthwhile charity to make a donation and you will have completed the first step in Closet Organization 101.
• Sort and Simply
Next, take stock of what remains and sort your items according to their purpose. Make a pile for each clothing type: dresses, jackets, sweaters, pull-over shirts, buttoned shirts, sleeveless shirts, skirts, pants, etc.
• Group Your Wardrobe
Once you’ve got your wardrobe laid out by type, it’s time to start putting everything back into the closet. Only this time you’ll be hanging everything in groups by type and then by color from dark to light – left to right. When you do this for all your items, it’s amazing how easy it is to find things, since they’re all arranged in the same order. It’s also a more visually pleasing way to stock your closet – rather than random items stuffed in no particular manner.
• Easy Organization for Your Shoes and Bags
Rather than lining the bottom of your closet with your shoes and stacking your handbags on the overhead shelves, get yourself a plain, inexpensive book shelf from a discount or unfinished furniture store. Then place your shoes and bags on the shelves in matched colors for easy access and organization.
• Let Baskets be a Catch All for Everything Else
Last, but not least, let a collection of baskets be the catch all for everything else you need to stash in your closet. Dedicate individual baskets to individual purposes – like one for socks, belts, hair accessories, etc. Line the bottom of the closet and the top shelves with baskets and tag each with the contents to make things easy to find.
In five simple steps, you can have the ultimate in closet organization with everything at your fingertips each time you dress. If you work out your closet make-over this weekend, you’ll reap the benefits every morning thereafter.

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