6 Hot Denim Trends!

Hot Denim Trends

I know we are all enjoying the hot Summer days and nights, but believe it or not Fall is right around the corner. And, if you’re like me or any other Fashionista, you’re already eyeing what you want for those cool nights. From coated to camo, here are 6 denim styles you must try this season!

  1. Coated – They’re super sleek and have finishes in an array of colors. What I love most about them, is they give you the leather like sheen for half the cost.
  2. Studded – You can try a little or a lot of these stand out embellishments, which create a tough chic vibe. Pair them up with some kick ass boats and you’ll be styling in no time.
  3. Moto – Crazy zipper details and notice me stitching, give any outfit you own some instant edge. These look great with a short tailored blazer and graphic tee.
  4. Two-Toned – Yes, my 80’s children they’re baaaack!! With different colors, washes and patterns to choose from. I love the black and white together. So much fun, and a very unexpected look.
  5. Camo – Military inspired and major cool girl appeal. They look amazing dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats. You can probably even get away with them this summer, by pairing it up with a hot pink neon tank.
  6. Patchwork – Vintage denim gives you a slim look. Choose pairs that look worn in and  pair them up with a nice crisp button down shirt.
If you start looking around now, you can find some great buys from stores like Aeropostale or brands like Bongo. You don’t have to spend a fortune to stay ahead of the game and look like you just came off the runway.
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