Fashion Workshop! The Denim Jacket

denim jacket

The jean jacket is back my friends! Sure anyone can argue that it was always around, and should be a staple in any woman’s closet. But, lately I have seen it being worn on the cat walk and street in an exciting new way.  Trendy girls are now throwing them over cotton or silk dresses, I’ve even seen them layered with biker jackets.

Understand, this is not to be worn for warmth in any way. However, there are some tips for you to follow to invest in the perfect one. Here are some quick and easy how-tos:

1. Check the blend, you want to make sure it has a little stretch to it (at least 2%). It has to be sturdy, but still comfy.

2. Always go for a medium wash. The color is more flattering, and can also be worn with almost anything as a neutral. It also will look better against darker or patterned jeans.

3. Pick a collared style. You can never go wrong with traditional and classic style when trying to incorporate it into your look.

4. Think about fit. You don’t want it to be to boxy, and come off as too big. Look for one that has curves in the waist, which is the most flattering. You should also feel like you can button it without it being to snug.

5. Consider the length. You don’t want it to go past your hips, and the sleeves should end at your wrist. You can always roll them up to create a relaxed look.

6. Look for pockets, but don’t over do it either. Two breast pockets are stylish and functional. However, it doesn’t create too much bulk.

In my opinion denim jackets are more like an accessory, a piece you should always have to add to your wardrobe!

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