Can I have a envelope please?


Clutch bags have taken on a new purpose these days, not only are they used for evening wear woman are now adding them to their day look as well. Thanks to the envelope clutch, we now be stylish and lesson the load as well.

Instead of lugging around a tote, you can easily stuff your essentials into an oversized clutch without breaking your back. They’re big and smart enough to be used for work and can be worked into any stylish outfit because they came in an array of styles.

From Bright hues to tribal patterns these mail carriers new inspiration transcends into a stylish accessory that can be worn around the clock, with no postage required. The other thing I love about envelope purses is that they are much easier to store in your wardrobe, lot’s of bulkier bags need to be stuffed to keep their shape and that takes up a lot of space.

There are so many sizes and colors to choose from and they are available at many price points. Referenced above are a few of my favorite styles that I love incorporating into my personal look. Have fun, and experiment with this trend, it’s definitely worth the investment. Hey, we can all use a fun new way to lighten our load through our busy day and be trendy along the way!

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