My M.A.C Haul – September 2013


Labor Day usually starts our annual farewell to Summer, and this weekend I was inspired to start shopping for some makeup that will guide me through the perfect Fall transition.

As I shopped through the mall, I found myself drawn to the MAC booth. I have to admit, it’s been a while since I purchased anything from MAC. However, I have always been a fan of their rich long-lasting lipstick and after 20 minutes I was sold on a complete look for my lips and face that would make a perfect combination for the upcoming season.

First, I went with a complete set for my lips. I’ve been using a lot of coral this Summer and for Fall I have been drawn to the deep burgundy trends I’ve seen all over the runway. I’ve already purchased some key items and thought these 3 combos would enhance my look:


  • first, from their Cremeshine collection, I went with “Partyline”. I was instantly drawn to its deep brick-red color. And after my first application it was love at first site. It went on smoothly with a creamy shine.
  • Next, to give it some glam appeal I choose “Full For You” from their Plushglass collection. It has a minty vanilla smell to it, and it sort of tingled when I applied it. Sheer, but full of sparkle it perfectly accented the lipstick for when I wanted a going out look or I can use it alone for the weekend.
  • Lastly, for the sake of ensuring the lipstick will not bleed outside my lip line I the choose the “Red Enriched” Cremestick liner to bring it all together. It’s a little less rich in color than the lipstick, but blends perfectly and lasted for a good 2 hours. Even through my Starbucks fix.

Finally, to complete my look I choose “Love Thing” from their mineralize blush collection. This is a deep colored blush with a hint of sparkle so when using it I suggest keeping it light when applying it to your face. I love the way it plays off of the lip combination and it’s a great blush to use with dark shadows and dark eyeliners as well.


So, there it is! My new Fall obsessions from MAC. Let me know your favorites for your transition into the new season!

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