My January Pick

The Perfect Rose Palate  


I thought I was in love with the Naked 2 Palate, until Naked 3 came out. I usually like to stick to neutral brown colors, however in the Winter when my skin tone is more on the lighter side this was the perfect switch for me. These shades match my complexion so nicely, and I love playing around with the different shades. Mixing and matching them up is so easy, because they all blend so well together. You can go dramatic for a night out, or create the perfect day look. They also provided me with different eye shadow primer samples to mix it up with.

So, far I have to admit I like the following shades the best:




Put them together and you one amazing look!


So, if you’re a true fan of the Urban Decay eye shadows, and want to try a new look for the Winter I highly suggest that this is the palate for you. Absolutely worth the money when you have so many choices to work with. I really love their products, and this is one you should have as a staple in your make up collection.

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