Lazy Sunday’s & VS

Lazy Sunday with VS


Sunday’s are made for being lazy and casual. This outfit for me, is about that. Whether you’re heading out to run some errands or just going to a friend’s house to watch some sports, you will be comfortable and trendy at the same time. I love the sweatshirt with the leather trim sleeves, paired with skinny jeans and a fun backpack. Add some deep purple eye shadow shades to blend  nicely with the black and gray tones. 

Thanks to Victoria Secret, this is on my wish list for this month!




Simple, casual and sexy

Animal Instinct


Nothing screams sexy more than black leather with some animal appeal. I’ve seen this amazing combination coming together this Fall and I can’t wait to rock the look. Pair it up with some denim jeans and a red clutch to show a sex, but casual side to your look.

If you want to play it up more, you can switch out the flats with some sexy leopard pumps.  Make sure you add a fun animal statement necklace to any black top to give it some extra pop. Try not to over do it either, one piece of leather in your outfit is enough and to many accessories will look gaudy. Remember, simple and casual can be sexy!

Rebel without a cause

Rebel without a cause

What I love about plaid is you can accessorize it anyway you see fit. From bad ass to preppy, it’s a versatile style that many can pull off. This Fall, the punk look is making its way in with fun plaid skirts and cropped sweaters. Pair them up with some edgy booties and fun purse and your look is complete. Add a spiked bracelet or ring for fun!

To complete your look, try some deep berry lipsticks and plum smoky eyes with a black eyeliner accent. Try dark polishes to match like deep reds or go really dark with all black. It’s not a hard trend to follow, many stores are filling up with their own version of items to pull it all together. It’s a fun weekend look, when you’re feeling like a rebel without a cause!

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Fashion Week Looks!

Chic and Polished

Fit and flare dresses are all the new rave, and cobalt blue is the trend for the season. Matched with a sleek gold cuff bracelet, classy heels and a great bag it’s perfect for a day at the office that can easily transform into a happy hour event.

All for under a $100! Who says you have to spend a fortune to be trendy? I actually prefer spending less on trendy items and saving my bigger purchases for classic pieces that are timeless.

Here’s my tip: When shopping online always start at the top designer sites first for some inspiration, then you can easily get a snapshot in your mind for what type of looks are hot and what you are going to set your mind on. Then, choose sites like or to find your less expensive match. There are plenty of other sites out there that are suited for your taste, you just have to take the time to find that perfect match.

Here’s my fashion challenge in honor of my 50th post! Show me your favorite look for under a $100, the winner will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to use toward their purchase.

All you have to do is:

1. Sign up to follow my blog by 9/6.
2. Send me an email with a picture of your steals for under $100 at
3. The winner will receive the $25 Visa Gift card.
4. The contest runs 8/13 – 9/6!

This contest is open to US Residents ONLY. 

Happy Shopping!!!!

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Fall Florals – You Can Make it Work

Fall Floral

Yes the floral print is in for Fall 2013! And, you can totally make it work by combining dark backgrounds with deep opaque colors. To me floral is staple item that you should always have in your closet, I’m very excited that it still being carried through to another season.

You can incorporate it into any look, pair it up a dark pair of floral jeans and a chunky sweater. Or, be prepared to embrace your inner lady with a black silk dress doused in bright colors. From sunglasses to clutches you can easily brighten up the Fall days into any outfit you choose.

The right floral print can be gorgeous, and can make any outfit unique and fun. Check out some of the examples I posted above for inspiration!

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Can I have a envelope please?


Clutch bags have taken on a new purpose these days, not only are they used for evening wear woman are now adding them to their day look as well. Thanks to the envelope clutch, we now be stylish and lesson the load as well.

Instead of lugging around a tote, you can easily stuff your essentials into an oversized clutch without breaking your back. They’re big and smart enough to be used for work and can be worked into any stylish outfit because they came in an array of styles.

From Bright hues to tribal patterns these mail carriers new inspiration transcends into a stylish accessory that can be worn around the clock, with no postage required. The other thing I love about envelope purses is that they are much easier to store in your wardrobe, lot’s of bulkier bags need to be stuffed to keep their shape and that takes up a lot of space.

There are so many sizes and colors to choose from and they are available at many price points. Referenced above are a few of my favorite styles that I love incorporating into my personal look. Have fun, and experiment with this trend, it’s definitely worth the investment. Hey, we can all use a fun new way to lighten our load through our busy day and be trendy along the way!

Fashion Workshop! The Denim Jacket

denim jacket

The jean jacket is back my friends! Sure anyone can argue that it was always around, and should be a staple in any woman’s closet. But, lately I have seen it being worn on the cat walk and street in an exciting new way.  Trendy girls are now throwing them over cotton or silk dresses, I’ve even seen them layered with biker jackets.

Understand, this is not to be worn for warmth in any way. However, there are some tips for you to follow to invest in the perfect one. Here are some quick and easy how-tos:

1. Check the blend, you want to make sure it has a little stretch to it (at least 2%). It has to be sturdy, but still comfy.

2. Always go for a medium wash. The color is more flattering, and can also be worn with almost anything as a neutral. It also will look better against darker or patterned jeans.

3. Pick a collared style. You can never go wrong with traditional and classic style when trying to incorporate it into your look.

4. Think about fit. You don’t want it to be to boxy, and come off as too big. Look for one that has curves in the waist, which is the most flattering. You should also feel like you can button it without it being to snug.

5. Consider the length. You don’t want it to go past your hips, and the sleeves should end at your wrist. You can always roll them up to create a relaxed look.

6. Look for pockets, but don’t over do it either. Two breast pockets are stylish and functional. However, it doesn’t create too much bulk.

In my opinion denim jackets are more like an accessory, a piece you should always have to add to your wardrobe!