Sample Society – July 2013 Box Review


We are half way through the summer already, can you believe it? And it’s that time again for me to post my review on my July Sample Society box. It was pretty light this month, and it came in the mail a little late. Usually this box is at my doorstep by the 1st or 2nd of the month, but with the holiday I guess they were running behind because it didn’t actually ship until 7/8.

I’m pretty disappointed this month, I only received 2 items that I actually would consider using. The others I’m tossing! Even the mini Allure magazine they sent was more like a free brochure you can pick up in the CVS beauty aisle. Although, they did offer some good tips for humidity free hair, which I will share at the end of the post.

Now, on to the “eh goodies”:

  1. Tres Pure Face Tonic – Even the name is throwing me off. However, when I looked it up for a full size it’s a whooping $65.00. The trial size I received is tiny. This promises to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps firm skin while decreasing dehydration. You’re only supposed to blend a few drops in your hands and massage into your face. So, maybe this tiny bottle will last me a while?
  2. Supergoop Eye Cream – This is priced at $45 for a full size. To be honest, I have tried their other beauty line products and I’m not that impressed. I do like their sunscreen, but this one is a toss for me.
  3. Annick Goutal Les Nuits d’Hadrien perfume – I have to admit, I was thrown off by the packaging. But this is a refreshing citrus sent, that is perfect for summer. I only used a bit, but it lasted for a while. This is not the type of perfume you drench yourself in! It’s pretty expensive, priced at $89.00 for the full size.
  4. Vincent Longo Sex Lux Trio Eyeshadow – This I love! It’s very pigmented color, and the combo I received (Caramel Fern) is really pretty. I defiantly will be using this for the rest of the summer, and probably into fall. I’m excited that this was a full size sample as well. This is priced at $35.00
  5. Lollia At Last Hand Cream – This hand cream smells so good, and it’s not expensive at all. Priced at $7.00 it’s perfect to carry in your purse for a nice, light refreshing fragrance. This was one of my favorites in the box.

Here is my favorite piece from their guide on tips on how to humidity-proof your hair. Every girl can use this tip during these hot summer days and nights. I know we all suffer one way or another, by tossing our hair in a top knot or pulling it back with a headband. But this seems worth giving it a try!

  1. Set some conditions. To prevent the flyways, you need to condition your hair. But, if you have fine hair like I do it can weigh it down. Try finding a light weight conditioner, and only apply it to your ends. Do a deep conditioner that is a rinse at least 2x a month.
  2. Sleep on it. Save time by washing and conditioning your hair at night. And as I’m sure most of you know, as infrequent as you can. It’s always best to let natural oils work in favor for your hair when you can, especially during the summer months. After towel drying, try working in some curl enhancing cream or tonic. Twist your hair into a loose braid or bun and sleep on it. Try taking it down in the morning and you’ll have some shiny curls. This really works, I have tried many times and I’m always please with the results.
  3. Catch the waves – I can’t stress enough how much I love the beach wave look in the summer, and there are so many great products to try (see my earlier post on BB salt spray!) Try spraying it in while hair is damp and letting it air dry. You can even play with some pieces and mess it up with your fingers.

All and all, I’m still sticking with Sample Society. Everyone has their bad days, months, etc! When you still add it all up, I did receive luxury items to try at a fraction of the the cost.

Referenced below is a picture of the Vincent Logo Eye Trio, I got.  Hope you enjoyed my post and tips!

my sigphoto-20

Glossybox – June 2013


My June Glossybox arrived yesterday, and I’m soo excited to show you the details. This month is all about American Beauty, and it’s amazing perfect. I really can’t wait to try some of these products out and share them with you. I really love this box, it’s definitely my favorite and first sample box I ever tried. I will never give it up.

This month they partnered with Oscar de la Renta on an exclusive photo shot, and their magazine has tons of tips and articles ranging from American Icons, behind the scenes on the photo shoot and editors picks. There also is a great section on summer hair and how to tips. IMG_0850IMG_0851



Now on to the goodies!

IMG_0840c.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist – Priced at $8.00 for a full size, this mist smells amazing. Like summer rolled up into a spray bottle. It promises to quickly dry and absorb into the skin to smooth and soften skin. I tried it and it also gave my skin a nice glow.









Philip B leave in conditioner,  their products revitalize every type while evoking a warming, cooling or refreshing sensation and delivering glossy, radiant hair. This product promises to work on all hair types – dry/damaged, color treated, thinning/volumizing, wavy/curly/frizzy, flat/very fine, flaky scalp, oily and normal. I’m exited to try it out, since I have at least 3 of the types above.








SpaRitual Nail Polish, priced at $12.00 IMG_0844 for a full size. Mine came in Titanium a soft metallic blue. This will great against a tan. The nail polish is crafted from naturally formulated vegan, certified organic and fair trading ingredients.










Tarte complexion enhancing lipstick, priced at $14.50 for a full size. This offers lip therapy in a nude shade that matches your natural pigment, and gives the appearance of fuller looking lips. I was provided with the medium to tan shade.









Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries, priced at $15.00 included 6 different types fragrance samples. My favorite was Granada, it has a very floral smell, which is perfect for summer. The other samples included were: Santo Domingo, Mi Corazon, Oriental Lace, Sargasso and Coralina.












All of this starting at $21.00 a month. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like I got more than my money’s worth to try out some great new products. I’m a loyal fan of this club, and if you read a lot of the other reviews out there you will see why. I hope you really consider giving them a try. You will not be disappointed!

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Sample Society Box June 2013

box cover









I received my Sample Society box on time as usual, that is one of the main reasons why I stick with this subscription they’re very consistent. What I also adore about this box is the free subscription to Allure Magazine, and I can’t mention enough how they include the $15 off coupon. To me that is wash on the cost of the box, plus some of the great items that you receive every month. You do get your money back.

This month’s box focuses on summer (of course) and comes with a great insert from Allure on various topics like Makeup (coral again, a huge trend this season) Skin facials, best close shave secrets, hair and a whole section on trends.

Inside Allure









So, here is the inside scoop of the products and the retail value:

1. Hope in Jair – Full Size $40 – Daily moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types. I do like their products, and have heard rave reviews about them. So, I will give it a try.

2. Stila Lip Glaze – Full Size $22 (which is what I received!) – Love the way this glides on, and it has a very sweet scent. It lasts through the day as well.

3. Mini Illume Candle in Desert Tulip – Full Size $9 – It’s made from real bee’s wax and essential oils. I love the size because it’s perfect for sitting on my coffee table while reading a magazine. The smell does linger, light and refreshing.

4. B. Kamin Laboratories Sun Defense – Full Size $36.00 – I can honestly say, I haven’t tried it because I’m trying a new moisturizer that has SPF30 in it (details to come soon!) So, once I’m finished with that I will give this a try.

5. Murad Hydro-Dynamix Ultimate Moisture For Eyes – Full Size $62.00 – I don’t have the picture referenced here, because I have used it regularly. It really does work, I’m starting to like it more and more. I will do a full review once I’m done with it.

So, there you go for $15 I received $169 worth of samples to try. And, like I said if I really like one I can use the $15 coupon toward my next purchase. I can’t stress enough what a great deal that is. They have spoiled me 🙂

Hope in a jarstila lip glossspf30illumecandle-13

Glossy Box – May 2013 Review

I’m finally writing about my May Glossy box, and once again I’m completely impressed. This month’s theme is all around “A year of beauty, one year of celebration”. The Glossy box mag is packed with glimpses inside the make up bags of their chic friends across the pond. There is also a section that is inspired of the Gatsby headpieces that dazzle to every girl’s type of look. I also love the lash lush section, which focuses on Xtreme Lashes®. Lastly, there are sections around coral, my favorite summer color and some great showcases on bronzing powders and sunscreens. Take a look:



Next up, the amazing products:


Epionce – It’s an intense anti-aging repair serum. Packed with vitamins A, B, C, D & E. I’m definitely going to try it out and see if really does prevent the signs of aging. Full size worth $136.00


European Wax Center – Two samples The EXFOLIATE (full size $38.00) and The BODY LOTION (full size $20.00) + A free wax for first time guests.Which usually runs from $38 – $48 for a bikini wax.  It just so happens there is a place right by me in NY (Massapequa) . So, I’m going to check it out. Perfect timing for Summer.


ModelCo Lip Duo – I did receive this sample once before and I loved it. My only grip is that the mirror on the side of the product is positioned backwards. It should be flipped so you can actually use while you’re applying the product. But, it’s a great find. It’s a creamy lip gloss on one side and a soft lip stick on the other side. Perfectly matched. Full Size (which is what I got) $39.00


Nicka K New York – Solid perfume stick. This is great to carry around, my only fear is it’s summer and it may melt in my purse. The smell is light and fresh, and I LOVE the packaging. They have other products, like perfume for your hair. So chic! Full Size (which is what I got) $14.99












Sebastian Professional – Volupt Spray, which is a spray gel which is supposed to offer full volume and softness. I’m intrigued, I’m going to try it and  let you know the outcome. The best part, is Ulta sent me a coupon for 20% a purchase of the full size. The real full size price is $19.95

Once again, I’m truly impressed with the products I received for just $22.00 a month. I really recommend that you try it for one month. They also have options where you can send boxes as a gift. The concept is great and so are the products. Discover GLOSSYBOX

Boho Charm


It’s boho bad ass, and is going to look amazing! It has the perfect drawstring close so it will fit nicely around any size wrist. I love these friendship bracelets and this is a nice addition to my growing collection. They’re great to wear alone, or you can pair them up with different styles.

I received this bracelet through a mystery sample box I received from Blush and it’s from They put a lot of care into the packaging as well, the bracelet came in the sample box, however it presented to me in a high quality velvet bag. This way, I can store it nicely in my jewelry box.

I immediately checked out their website, and I was really impressed. Reasonably priced, stylish and trendy selections to choose from. What also sold me about this company, was that it came with a 20% off coupon for my first purchase. So now I have no excuse for not purchasing another item :).

I did some research on the internet, and the reviews are fantastic. They supposedly have amazing customer service, which is very important to me. They also have a loyalty program, for every $1 you spend you earn a “vault” point. And, if you refer friends you will get a 150 points.

What I also love about their website, is they allow users to post pictures of their purchases, which is called “The Download”. I think this is great for 2 reasons:

1.They let you get involved and share your amazing finds.

2. You also get to see how others are styling something you’re looking to get.

I loved the way the website was laid out. Nice and clean, and the navigation was pulling me in with categories like Personalize It, and Guest Bartender. They made it fun to shop!

So, next time you’re on the prowl for some cute jewelry check out I hope you get hooked like I did. Let me know if you find anything you just love. I want to hear it all!



Ispy – May Glam Bag FREE SHIPPING

So, I’m finally posting about my May Glam bag. It was okay, I was really not that impressed this month. The only item I really have enjoyed is the Juice Beauty reflecting gloss, and ironically they reached out to me for a special offer (just as a disclaimer they did not pay me to brag just about their item, it was merely a coincidence that I got the affiliate offer and because I do truly like the product I’m posting the offer).

The bag itself is cute, and I will probably use it for the beach. I like the bright colors. The other items, I’m dumping.

Here is what I got this month –

1. Yaby concealer refill, which would be nice if it wasn’t as big as my index finger 😦

2. Zoya nail polish in a pasty cream color.. I might use it for my toes when my feet look tan. Still undecided.

3. Pacifica roll on perfume – Not my style at all, it smells very old. Not something I would enjoy wearing at all.

4. Nume finishing serum – I have fine hair, so this will just make it ultra greasy..

5. Saved the best for last, seriously this was the only item I have used. The Juice Beauty reflecting gloss, it goes on nice and smooth. Not too sticky and smells great. And it’s organic, which I love.

Like I’ve mentioned in a recent post, They are the lowest price club I am in. Sometimes they do send some really great stuff, but this month I paid $15 for a lip gloss. The rest tossed away.

Let me know if any of you are a member and have a different view/opinion….


Glossybox April 2013


So, here it is! My new Glossybox for April, and it’s divine. I’m so excited to share my new samples with you.

Here’s the pretty box it came in. All nicely packaged with a card that explains the samples they included. This months theme is all about being good to your body. After a long Winter, we all can use some feel good items to make us feel like the Summer Goddesses we are. So, let’s see what’s inside.


1. A letter from the Chief Executive Officer “Work That Beauty” – This card explains the thought around why they wanted to do theme around natural beauty for the transition into Summer.


2. Inside the card is all the information you need about the samples they have chosen for you with a short description about the product and what it retails for. Love it!


And now, here are the prized possessions I can’t wait to use:


Alterna Bamboo Waves – A weightless texturizing mist that instantly gives hair that “just got back from the beach” day. I can’t wait to try it out, I love this casual look on the weekends. Goes great with any boho chic outfit.

BLGARI Perfume tea bag for the bath – Relaxing and calming with white tea notes. Perfect for after the beach, when you want to just relax and enjoy the rays you soaked up.

Honest Lip Balm – Made from organic jojoba and oils from oils, sunflowers and coconuts. Yes, coconuts the perfect Summer combo. Perfect to use after those long Summer days to keep your lips happy and healthy.

TIGI Cosmetics Glow Blush – Because we all want to glow in the Summer, this soft baked powder formula gives you the perfect glow and looks great on all skin tones.

Wash with Joe – This has an invigorating blend of coffee and mint that helps revitalize the body and mind while keeping skin superbly clean.

Le Metier De Beaute, with a $75 coupon – This replenishing daily solution is rich. It protects and hydrates your skin, and the best is that is Paraben-Free.

Once again Glossybox has not let me down. Amazing samples and a bonus coupon that’s worth $75 off the full size purchase. I’m excited to use them all and keep you posted. Stay tuned…. I should be receiving my Sample Society box any day. The anticipation is killing me!

I hope this has inspired you to give it a try. Let me know your thoughts, have you already ordered your box?