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I have a new obsession with where I get my hair styled, and I absolutely adore their products. They literally transform you into a new person every time you are there. When you look around the room, you can se true artist working to create the most stylist looks around. The salon is called Hairstories and each time you leave you truly will want to share your story. That is what inspired my post for you today.

I know most of you don’t live in my area, and if you do then you have to check them out. However, if you don’t you still don’t have to miss out on what they have to offer, and that is great products that really do work on your hair.

I’m in love with the Prefix Conditioning Complex. It’s so light and nourishing and great for any hair type or texture. Just spray liberally before using your usual styling products and you’re good to go. You can even use it on dry hair if you’re in need of some conditioning after a long day. This products really helps de-tangle your hair and give it the vital nourishment it needs that makes for a perfect duo.

The results are amazing, my hair is left nice and light with no greasy residue like most leave in conditioner treatments. Now, it’s not sulfate free and for all of you following my blog you know that I am a firm believer it sticking to products that will not strip your hair color. However, I will make the exception on this particular product. I have all the trust in the world with their name and I just got my hair colored and it’s holding on really well while using this product.

I strongly urge you to check out their site and the products they have to offer. You’ll also enjoy the many “hairstories” made by others who have been there by visiting their blog and seeing how talented this group of people really are.

Some of my other favorites are:

  • Sufix – You should carry this around with you ALL summer. It protects your hair before and after a swim or a day in the sun.
  • Intro – Another leave in conditioner choice that has a heavier constancy. This great to mend split ends.
  • The Plot Thickens – I also LOVE this product. It adds great texture to your hair, you don’t even need hairspray afterward.



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Sample Society – July 2013 Box Review


We are half way through the summer already, can you believe it? And it’s that time again for me to post my review on my July Sample Society box. It was pretty light this month, and it came in the mail a little late. Usually this box is at my doorstep by the 1st or 2nd of the month, but with the holiday I guess they were running behind because it didn’t actually ship until 7/8.

I’m pretty disappointed this month, I only received 2 items that I actually would consider using. The others I’m tossing! Even the mini Allure magazine they sent was more like a free brochure you can pick up in the CVS beauty aisle. Although, they did offer some good tips for humidity free hair, which I will share at the end of the post.

Now, on to the “eh goodies”:

  1. Tres Pure Face Tonic – Even the name is throwing me off. However, when I looked it up for a full size it’s a whooping $65.00. The trial size I received is tiny. This promises to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps firm skin while decreasing dehydration. You’re only supposed to blend a few drops in your hands and massage into your face. So, maybe this tiny bottle will last me a while?
  2. Supergoop Eye Cream – This is priced at $45 for a full size. To be honest, I have tried their other beauty line products and I’m not that impressed. I do like their sunscreen, but this one is a toss for me.
  3. Annick Goutal Les Nuits d’Hadrien perfume – I have to admit, I was thrown off by the packaging. But this is a refreshing citrus sent, that is perfect for summer. I only used a bit, but it lasted for a while. This is not the type of perfume you drench yourself in! It’s pretty expensive, priced at $89.00 for the full size.
  4. Vincent Longo Sex Lux Trio Eyeshadow – This I love! It’s very pigmented color, and the combo I received (Caramel Fern) is really pretty. I defiantly will be using this for the rest of the summer, and probably into fall. I’m excited that this was a full size sample as well. This is priced at $35.00
  5. Lollia At Last Hand Cream – This hand cream smells so good, and it’s not expensive at all. Priced at $7.00 it’s perfect to carry in your purse for a nice, light refreshing fragrance. This was one of my favorites in the box.

Here is my favorite piece from their guide on tips on how to humidity-proof your hair. Every girl can use this tip during these hot summer days and nights. I know we all suffer one way or another, by tossing our hair in a top knot or pulling it back with a headband. But this seems worth giving it a try!

  1. Set some conditions. To prevent the flyways, you need to condition your hair. But, if you have fine hair like I do it can weigh it down. Try finding a light weight conditioner, and only apply it to your ends. Do a deep conditioner that is a rinse at least 2x a month.
  2. Sleep on it. Save time by washing and conditioning your hair at night. And as I’m sure most of you know, as infrequent as you can. It’s always best to let natural oils work in favor for your hair when you can, especially during the summer months. After towel drying, try working in some curl enhancing cream or tonic. Twist your hair into a loose braid or bun and sleep on it. Try taking it down in the morning and you’ll have some shiny curls. This really works, I have tried many times and I’m always please with the results.
  3. Catch the waves – I can’t stress enough how much I love the beach wave look in the summer, and there are so many great products to try (see my earlier post on BB salt spray!) Try spraying it in while hair is damp and letting it air dry. You can even play with some pieces and mess it up with your fingers.

All and all, I’m still sticking with Sample Society. Everyone has their bad days, months, etc! When you still add it all up, I did receive luxury items to try at a fraction of the the cost.

Referenced below is a picture of the Vincent Logo Eye Trio, I got.  Hope you enjoyed my post and tips!

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Arm Candy 2013

Guide to arm candy

I love arm candy, and summer is the best time to show it off. There are so many options and colors to choose from, it’s fun to pull it all together. Because my style varies depending on my outfit, I decided to do a quick guide to 3 major looks you can try yourself.

  1. Boho – This is my favorite daytime look for just hanging around. Mix it up using bright colors, and adding friendship bracelets. Natural stones, tribal patterns and leather wraps make this the perfect summer go to look.
  2. Trendy – There are so many fun options out there now. Neon colors mixed with gold abstract bracelets make this a fun look to wear when going out. You can make your own color story depending on the outfit you choose. I love wearing this look with graphic tees.
  3. Classic – I love wearing this in the office or out for dinner. Use lots of gold charms, soft colors and dainty shapes. Pair it up with a classic gold watch and you’re good to go.

There is no secret way to doing these looks, the best tip is to not over do it. I personally wouldn’t wear more than 4-5 pieces all together. However, fashion is meant to be an expression of who you are. It’s a form of everyday art, so have fun with it and be who you are!

What’s your favorite look?

Pretty Witty Beach Bags

During my quest to find the perfect beach bag this summer, I stumbled across the most adorable and witty beach bags I’ve ever seen. These low-key bags can be found at the I think there are perfect for day tripping and showing off your “witty” style. The company also hosts a variety of types of bags to choose from ranging from leather crossbody bags to the cutest owl wallets I’ve seen out there. I think this is a site and designer that is up and coming. I love the concept and will definitely be purchasing one for myself. I can’t wait to strut around with it, and I’m sure I will be sharing my purchase with many admirers. Check out there site, and if you want to make a statement instead of spending $300 on a bag go for the $25 bag and express your style in a unique witty pretty way. 


$23 –

Louis vuitton handbag
$23 –

Beach bag
$23 –

Hermès beach bag

$23 –


Hot Summer Offers

Since 4th of July is just around the corner, there are a ton of hot sales going on! I thought I would share with you some great offers I have so you can do some mid summer shopping. I always love the sales this time of year, you get great deals because they’re trying to clear out as much as they can for Fall (believe it or not).

I love, I always find great hair products that you can’t find in Sephora or Ultra. Plus, the sales are great. I love reading the customer reviews, and their site is easily set up for you to see their top 10 best sellers by various categories.

Only available until 6/28!!! Hurry and shop now.

Take 25% Off Sitewide at  Enter SPRING at checkout

Buy 1 Yes To Cucumber sun care product, get 50% off the 2nd at! Offer ends 08.31.2013. Yes products are great and really inexpensive. They come in great packets as well, so they’re great for traveling or a day at the beach.  This is a great offer!

Get the latest looks for summer at!


Get the Flower Child look, play around with olive green, or pony up to an updated classic hairstyle. I love checking this page out for inspiration.

AHAVA is a trust brand that I turn to often. I love their bath products, especially their smoothing body exfloliator. It’s great to use with any sunless tan product and it leaves your skin super soft! 20% off ANY order. Enter code SUMMER20 at checkout. Hurry! This offer ends July 31st.

I’m obsessed with the lace look. F21 has some great options at inexpensive prices. Find fun, fearless fashion at Forever 21. Get Free Shipping on orders over $50.

Ann Taylor Loft is having a flash sale running until tomorrow! I love shopping there when they have sales, you find great finds for amazing prices. I usually wait for these sales to shop there. Enjoy 50% off all Full Price Tees, Tanks, Shorts & Beach with code SUMMERFAVS You can also enter to win a $1000 gift card!I hope you enjoy some of these offers, let me know if you find any great sales out there that you want to share as well! Happy shopping!

Blush Mystery Box – June 2013

So, I decided to join another beauty sample club after my disappointment with the Ipsy Glam Bag. I canceled that subscription, and I did some research and came across, which offers a beauty sample subscription for $24.95/month. You can try it for just $10 if you don’t want to make a commitment.

Yes it’s a lot more expensive than Ipsy, however I definitely received a better offering.  The box claims to offer over a $100 worth of samples, which have been selected by a panel of beauty experts.

This month’s theme is around skin care, and the biggest sample I received was the Glytone sunscreen in SPF 50. This goes along perfectly with my earlier post about using caution around my skin this summer at the beach and I can’t wait to try it.

photo-13Priced at $39.00, I already made back the $24.95 I spent on the box itself. I’ve read some reviews on their skin care products, and seen lots of glowing reviews. This seems to be the newest to their collection.









photo-13 copyphoto-13 copy 2 Next up is Hydroxatone Revitalizing Mircodermabrasion cream. Priced at $29.00, this claims to buff away dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. Based on the reviews I have read, woman have seen a decrease in lines and a softer complexion. I’m excited to try it.


photo-13 copy 3Supergoop CC Daily correct cream, priced at $32.00 for a full size works as a primer, foundation and a sunscreen. I’ve been itching to use this type of cream for a while. I’ve stuck with the BB creams, but it’s time to give this a try. Based on the reviews, it has a light texture and doesn’t irritate your skin. We shall see.








photo-14Decleor Aroma Cleanse Youth Duopriced at $27.00 each for a full size is a combination pack of a cleansing milk wash and tonifying lotion. This does contain alcohol in it, so I may steer clear for now since I’m using self tanner. But, it smells delicious.









photo-14 copy I received another (I previously got one in my sample society box) Stila lip glaze, however this color is Kaleidoscope. A sheer coral high shine gloss. I really like this product, however it doesn’t last too long. I tend to have to reapply a lot.









photo-14 copy 2 Next is Miracle Skin Transformer tinted body lotion with SPF 20. Priced at $34.00, it’s now sold out! It claims to smooth your skin with a hint of color for a flawless, firm look on your arms, legs and chest area. Jojoba oil, algae extract, amino and hyaluronic acids alleviate dryness by helping skin keep moisture. Lecithin, rich in essential fatty acids helps soothe sensitive skin conditions including eczema.The glow version I received is made for light to medium skin tones. This product got outstanding reviews online, over 13,920 in the past 12 months. That’s pretty impressive.






photo-14 copy 3Skin Ceuticals UV Sport Defense, which I couldn’t find on their main page looks like a tiny little extra they threw in. Considering, all the other skin care products I received in this box this one may just get tossed. It looks so small, I may be able to get one use out of it anyway. I wasn’t pleased with this add-on at all.








photo-14 copy 4Lastly, DHC Clarifying Pore Cover basepriced at $19.00. I’m eager to try this since I’ve considered using a pore cover for a while. It claims to cover and to keep your skin matte all day. I’m definitely going to give this a try, and do a follow-up review.









So, for $24.95 I received at least 2 full size products that totaled up to be $68.00. To me, I made my money back. Yes, it was all skin care products. However, each month has a certain theme, so I’m going to stick with it and see how next month goes. I hope you enjoyed this review and actually are intrigued to try some of these products for yourself. If you want to sign up for the box or learn more, you can visit I will keep you posted on whether their results add up to their claims!

REVIEW: Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner


When you look at the reviews for what is the best product to use to get the soft, tousled beach look it all points to Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray. So, logically after 12 years of it being on the market it made sense for the company to launch this new addition to the their surf line.

I’m been waiting to try the new Bumble and Bumble Surf line for a while now, and when I noticed that Sephora had it as a trial size I jumped on the offer. I’ve only used it once, but I have to say it lived up to my expectations. It smells amazing, fresh and botanical to give you that nostalgic beach feeling.

The shampoo is very light, and the conditioner is very creamy. I have very fine hair, so this is not something that I would use on a daily basis because it can be heavy on my hair. But, the results were really good. Mixed with the surf spray, I did have very soft waves with little effort.

So what are some of the key benefits?

  • The shampoo cleanses to wipe out impurities, so hair can be squeaky clean and ready for styling.  It has a blend of minerals which helps build body and enhances natural texture while hydrating sea botanicals give a touch of softness.
  • The conditioner gently de-tangles and hydrates hair without weighing it down.

It’s not sulfate free so for those of you who color or treat your hair be careful. Also, to get this beachy look the product does contain salt so it can eventually dry out your hair. This is another reason I wouldn’t recommend using it on a daily basis.

My only main issue was the price, $28.00 at Sephora for the travel set. However, if you don’t use it everyday it may last you for a while. I plan on using it at least once a week depending on the weather and the occasion.

Here are my tips on how to get the most out of these products:

  1. Before you wash your hair, make sure you comb it out.
  2. Wash with the shampoo, I usually lather and rinse twice.
  3. Before you apply the conditioner, make sure you squeeze all the excess water our of hair. This way the conditioner can be applied with out any extra water on your hair. Otherwise, it will water it down.
  4. Towel dry your hair.
  5. Spray your locks with the Surf spray.
  6. Here is the trick, use a diffuser and flip your hair over. Take segments by focusing on sections of your hair that are bunched up and held to your scalp for a couple seconds with the diffuser and the let it go.
  7. Repeat until your hair is dry and secure with hairspray.

There you go! So, if you’re craving summer perfect waves, this line is definitely worth a try.