Happy New Year!


Hello my friends, it has been so long since I’ve posted to you all. I was extremely busy with the holidays, and somehow got locked out of my account when I upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 5C.

Anyway, I so happy to be back and I have a lot to share with you all. I’ve done a lot of shopping and received so many amazing gifts for Christmas. The best part of the new year is that I have been upgraded to Sephora’s VIP Rouge status. Yes, I have spent at least $1000.00 in one year on makeup. I don’t know whether I should be proud, or in need of a therapist for my shopping addiction! However, I do have to say being a Rouge member has amazing perks:

1. Free shipping on any order I place.

2. Free annual gifts, which are a surprise and I’m anxiously awaiting mine.

3. Upgraded birthday gifts and special promotions.

4. My own 24 hour concierge hotline, so I can call at anytime to ask  anything I want about a particular product.

5. Free beauty makeover’s by appointment. Which, I haven’t tried. However, I will be definitely doing one soon and letting you all know the results.

I’ve also been so inspired by Vlogger’s lately that I even upgraded my Roku to the 3rd generation so I can watch YouTube on my big screen. So, I will definitely be posting some tricks and tips I learn from the masters of beauty. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very exciting year for me and I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my amazing finds with you.  I have a list of items I can’t wait to share, from new perfumes to my favorite winter booties.

Stay tuned, the fun is about to begin again.

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Fake Up – My new best friend


Another amazing product from Benefit,  that I can’t wait to tell you about. My best friend turned me on to this, and I’m hooked. It’s called “Fake Up” and it has worked wonders for my under eye circle problem. Like most girls, I’m working long hours and getting up early. Add the hereditary factor and it’s been very challenging for me to find the perfect product to help brighten my eyes.

However, this has been the holy grail under the eye concealer I’ve been searching for. Priced at $24.00 this little number, hydrates my skin and lasts all day. It has vitamin E and apple seed, (which is great for that area since it’s very sensitive) and hides my dark circles at the same time. Since it really does moisturize your skin, it helps diffuse fine lines as well. It comes in 3 different shades, and I choose medium since I’m still using Benefit’s Hoola. Combined together, they give you the perfect glowing look you’ve been craving.

Here are some stats I found on Sephora, based on a panel of consumer users, and I have to say I agree:

– 100% said it hydrates skin
– 100% said it feels comfortable on skin
– 100% said the texture feels silky
– 94% said the effect is long-lasting
– 94% said it doesn’t run
– 97% said the formula is lightweight
– 91% said it conceals dark circles
– 91% saw a natural appearance
– 97% said the packaging makes it easy to use

The best part, it’s paraben free. I’m really becoming a true fan of Benefit’s products, now I’m addicted to:

Of course Sephora gave me a sample of High Beam, this magic in a bottle works as a highlighter for your cheek bones and brow area. LOVE IT! 

Wonder what I will find next?  Let me know your favorites, I’m excited to add more to my collection!

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Glossybox September – All You Need For Fall


It’s officially Fall, and my Glossybox arrived just in time. The leaves are starting to turn from green to red and gold, the knee-high boots and cashmere sweaters came out of storage and are starting to roam the streets. Everywhere I turn I’m starting to catch a glimpse of tailored trench coats or a knot scarf, and I’m breaking it all out.

With the inspiration in the air, this month’s box focuses on all you need to update your look. From creating smoky eyes, amazing scents, larger than life lashes and the thickest and fullest hair you can imagine. With all the items I will outline below, I’m ready to start the new season as my most fashionable self.

Here is what I received:

  1. BCBG Maxazria  Bon Genre Perfume – It has a very seductive scent, reminds me of an urban rocker chic. I love it, nice and deep for the Fall. Worth $75.00
  2. Be a Bombshell eyeliner pen in Onyx – The marker like tip goes on nicely so you can master the cat eye look. It’s long-lasting, and waterproof. Worth $14.00
  3. Emite Eyelash Curler – I’ve been itching to try a new one, and this arrived just in time. It has a special curved design that angles to suit all eye shapes and curls perfectly.  Worth $30.50
  4. Nioxin Diamax Treatment – I’ve used this in the past and love it. But, it became a little pricey for me. I’m so excited that I received the full size in this month’s box. It literally has caffeine in it, and increases the fullness of any hair type. It also strengthens your locks.  Worth $50.00
  5. Oceane Makeup Pen Remover – I never used a product like this, so I’m intrigued to try it. The tip of the pen has a liquid that is perfect for removing excess makeup during your application. It’s great to carry around with you during the day for touch ups.  Worth $5.30

So there you go, Glossybox came through again this month by providing me products I’m excited to use. Just in time for Fall!


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My M.A.C Haul – September 2013


Labor Day usually starts our annual farewell to Summer, and this weekend I was inspired to start shopping for some makeup that will guide me through the perfect Fall transition.

As I shopped through the mall, I found myself drawn to the MAC booth. I have to admit, it’s been a while since I purchased anything from MAC. However, I have always been a fan of their rich long-lasting lipstick and after 20 minutes I was sold on a complete look for my lips and face that would make a perfect combination for the upcoming season.

First, I went with a complete set for my lips. I’ve been using a lot of coral this Summer and for Fall I have been drawn to the deep burgundy trends I’ve seen all over the runway. I’ve already purchased some key items and thought these 3 combos would enhance my look:


  • first, from their Cremeshine collection, I went with “Partyline”. I was instantly drawn to its deep brick-red color. And after my first application it was love at first site. It went on smoothly with a creamy shine.
  • Next, to give it some glam appeal I choose “Full For You” from their Plushglass collection. It has a minty vanilla smell to it, and it sort of tingled when I applied it. Sheer, but full of sparkle it perfectly accented the lipstick for when I wanted a going out look or I can use it alone for the weekend.
  • Lastly, for the sake of ensuring the lipstick will not bleed outside my lip line I the choose the “Red Enriched” Cremestick liner to bring it all together. It’s a little less rich in color than the lipstick, but blends perfectly and lasted for a good 2 hours. Even through my Starbucks fix.

Finally, to complete my look I choose “Love Thing” from their mineralize blush collection. This is a deep colored blush with a hint of sparkle so when using it I suggest keeping it light when applying it to your face. I love the way it plays off of the lip combination and it’s a great blush to use with dark shadows and dark eyeliners as well.


So, there it is! My new Fall obsessions from MAC. Let me know your favorites for your transition into the new season!

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Prefix Your Hair


I have a new obsession with where I get my hair styled, and I absolutely adore their products. They literally transform you into a new person every time you are there. When you look around the room, you can se true artist working to create the most stylist looks around. The salon is called Hairstories and each time you leave you truly will want to share your story. That is what inspired my post for you today.

I know most of you don’t live in my area, and if you do then you have to check them out. However, if you don’t you still don’t have to miss out on what they have to offer, and that is great products that really do work on your hair.

I’m in love with the Prefix Conditioning Complex. It’s so light and nourishing and great for any hair type or texture. Just spray liberally before using your usual styling products and you’re good to go. You can even use it on dry hair if you’re in need of some conditioning after a long day. This products really helps de-tangle your hair and give it the vital nourishment it needs that makes for a perfect duo.

The results are amazing, my hair is left nice and light with no greasy residue like most leave in conditioner treatments. Now, it’s not sulfate free and for all of you following my blog you know that I am a firm believer it sticking to products that will not strip your hair color. However, I will make the exception on this particular product. I have all the trust in the world with their name and I just got my hair colored and it’s holding on really well while using this product.

I strongly urge you to check out their site and the products they have to offer. You’ll also enjoy the many “hairstories” made by others who have been there by visiting their blog and seeing how talented this group of people really are.

Some of my other favorites are:

  • Sufix – You should carry this around with you ALL summer. It protects your hair before and after a swim or a day in the sun.
  • Intro – Another leave in conditioner choice that has a heavier constancy. This great to mend split ends.
  • The Plot Thickens – I also LOVE this product. It adds great texture to your hair, you don’t even need hairspray afterward.



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Sample Society – July 2013 Box Review


We are half way through the summer already, can you believe it? And it’s that time again for me to post my review on my July Sample Society box. It was pretty light this month, and it came in the mail a little late. Usually this box is at my doorstep by the 1st or 2nd of the month, but with the holiday I guess they were running behind because it didn’t actually ship until 7/8.

I’m pretty disappointed this month, I only received 2 items that I actually would consider using. The others I’m tossing! Even the mini Allure magazine they sent was more like a free brochure you can pick up in the CVS beauty aisle. Although, they did offer some good tips for humidity free hair, which I will share at the end of the post.

Now, on to the “eh goodies”:

  1. Tres Pure Face Tonic – Even the name is throwing me off. However, when I looked it up for a full size it’s a whooping $65.00. The trial size I received is tiny. This promises to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps firm skin while decreasing dehydration. You’re only supposed to blend a few drops in your hands and massage into your face. So, maybe this tiny bottle will last me a while?
  2. Supergoop Eye Cream – This is priced at $45 for a full size. To be honest, I have tried their other beauty line products and I’m not that impressed. I do like their sunscreen, but this one is a toss for me.
  3. Annick Goutal Les Nuits d’Hadrien perfume – I have to admit, I was thrown off by the packaging. But this is a refreshing citrus sent, that is perfect for summer. I only used a bit, but it lasted for a while. This is not the type of perfume you drench yourself in! It’s pretty expensive, priced at $89.00 for the full size.
  4. Vincent Longo Sex Lux Trio Eyeshadow – This I love! It’s very pigmented color, and the combo I received (Caramel Fern) is really pretty. I defiantly will be using this for the rest of the summer, and probably into fall. I’m excited that this was a full size sample as well. This is priced at $35.00
  5. Lollia At Last Hand Cream – This hand cream smells so good, and it’s not expensive at all. Priced at $7.00 it’s perfect to carry in your purse for a nice, light refreshing fragrance. This was one of my favorites in the box.

Here is my favorite piece from their guide on tips on how to humidity-proof your hair. Every girl can use this tip during these hot summer days and nights. I know we all suffer one way or another, by tossing our hair in a top knot or pulling it back with a headband. But this seems worth giving it a try!

  1. Set some conditions. To prevent the flyways, you need to condition your hair. But, if you have fine hair like I do it can weigh it down. Try finding a light weight conditioner, and only apply it to your ends. Do a deep conditioner that is a rinse at least 2x a month.
  2. Sleep on it. Save time by washing and conditioning your hair at night. And as I’m sure most of you know, as infrequent as you can. It’s always best to let natural oils work in favor for your hair when you can, especially during the summer months. After towel drying, try working in some curl enhancing cream or tonic. Twist your hair into a loose braid or bun and sleep on it. Try taking it down in the morning and you’ll have some shiny curls. This really works, I have tried many times and I’m always please with the results.
  3. Catch the waves – I can’t stress enough how much I love the beach wave look in the summer, and there are so many great products to try (see my earlier post on BB salt spray!) Try spraying it in while hair is damp and letting it air dry. You can even play with some pieces and mess it up with your fingers.

All and all, I’m still sticking with Sample Society. Everyone has their bad days, months, etc! When you still add it all up, I did receive luxury items to try at a fraction of the the cost.

Referenced below is a picture of the Vincent Logo Eye Trio, I got.  Hope you enjoyed my post and tips!

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And the winner is……

urbandecaynakedskinbbcream2013becomegorgeous_thumbVS.  s1502897-main-hero

I promised to do a follow-up on my recent experience with two different creams. So, here it is. While I love the Naked Skin BB cream, it really has a very light coverage. It’s not something that you can really wear alone unless your really looking for the fresh face look. Although I do like minimal for everyday wear, I also like a little more coverage. Although, I found when using the Naked BB it definitely made my pores look smaller. Which is important, however I did feel by the end of the day my face was…. well, Naked.

I absolutely LOVE the Peter Thomas Roth CC cream. It goes on nice and smoothly, gives you just the right amount of coverage and I instantly felt and saw an improvement in my skin. I also was really happy with the fact that when I blended it with the Hoola Benefit Bronzer and the Forever Make up Micro Finish Powder it really held out for the entire day. I know this particular brand is pricey, but in my opinion it’s well worth the investment. Just because my skin looked so much better, and it made my pores instantly feel like they were not even there.

I’m going to stick with the Naked for the knocking around kind of days, like on the weekend when I’m not doing much. But, for a day-to-day CC cream Peter Thomas Roth CC cream is the winner in my book. It’s worth the extra $15-$20.

So, I hope you try it out and share your thoughts. Maybe there is another BB or CC cream that you absolutely adore as well? If so, please share. I would love to try it out!

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