Happy New Year!


Hello my friends, it has been so long since I’ve posted to you all. I was extremely busy with the holidays, and somehow got locked out of my account when I upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 5C.

Anyway, I so happy to be back and I have a lot to share with you all. I’ve done a lot of shopping and received so many amazing gifts for Christmas. The best part of the new year is that I have been upgraded to Sephora’s VIP Rouge status. Yes, I have spent at least $1000.00 in one year on makeup. I don’t know whether I should be proud, or in need of a therapist for my shopping addiction! However, I do have to say being a Rouge member has amazing perks:

1. Free shipping on any order I place.

2. Free annual gifts, which are a surprise and I’m anxiously awaiting mine.

3. Upgraded birthday gifts and special promotions.

4. My own 24 hour concierge hotline, so I can call at anytime to ask  anything I want about a particular product.

5. Free beauty makeover’s by appointment. Which, I haven’t tried. However, I will be definitely doing one soon and letting you all know the results.

I’ve also been so inspired by Vlogger’s lately that I even upgraded my Roku to the 3rd generation so I can watch YouTube on my big screen. So, I will definitely be posting some tricks and tips I learn from the masters of beauty. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very exciting year for me and I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my amazing finds with you.  I have a list of items I can’t wait to share, from new perfumes to my favorite winter booties.

Stay tuned, the fun is about to begin again.

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